Prospective bride and groom, do this before marriage

Marriage is a precious moment for everyone. Surely all couples want the event to run smoothly and impressively.

Moreover, for all family couples. However, often because of nervousness or inadequate planning, there are always obstacles that interfere with the wedding.

The disorder often stems from the negligence of the bride and groom. So, for you brides, do this before marriage, as quoted from

Perform a Wedding Dress Fitting

Wedding dress fittings are important in weddings. Whether the clothes to be worn are from renting or making your own.

To make sure the clothes fit and are comfortable in the body, the fitting should not be forgotten, especially the last fitting. Schedule clothes fitting before D-day is needed to make sure the clothes that are part of the bride’s needs do not become a disruption to the smooth wedding party.

Invite your partner to see it so that everything is in accordance with the wishes of both of them. Don’t forget to be open to the services of your dress maker if there are things you want to add or subtract.

Perform a Make-up Test

Make-up is the main part. Especially for those of you who want to look beautiful on a special day, namely marriage.

Imagine if the desire was chaotic because of the makeup that is too sharp or hairdo that does not match the dress you wear. Certainly the concept of your dream wedding will be a little disturbed.

You will be restless and feel sad on the wedding day. Before that happens, you must really make a thorough preparation. Although the make-up artist that is used is expensive though, it never hurts to make up the makeup according to the concept of marriage you want.

It’s a good idea to do a good test with your make-up artist and hair stylist before the wedding day starts. This is for the sake of all the preparations in accordance with the wishes of you and your partner.

Don’t Forget to Do the Rehearsal

A coherent and memorable wedding will surely be the dream of every couple, you also want it. Rehearsal for a wedding also needs to be done or reheasel wedding.

Make sure the parts of the event are arranged neatly so that the event has a good flow as you wish. Make sure everyone who has an assignment participates in your wedding rehearsal.

This is done so that everyone involved understands their duties. Like the division of time they have, for example in greetings, messages, or entertainment. Appropriate time distribution will make the marriage run coherently and systematically.

  1. Make Sure You Have Tested Food

Choosing catering for food service providers during weddings can not be arbitrary. In addition to a good catering track record, you also have to make sure that the taste of the food and its variations can match the guests who are coming at the wedding.

For that, tasting food becomes important. In accordance with the concept and guests you invite, serve a variety of food variants ranging from drinks, main menus to snacks that will be served.

Also make sure to have a good taste will make the wedding memorable for guests. Don’t forget to sample all the selected foods before paying for the catering service you rent.

Or your marriage will be chaotic because of the problems of catering that are served. Remember, guests are very sensitive about this one, lo!

  1. Mandatory Check Song Playlist

Music or songs in a wedding are usually no longer a burden on the bride. However, just imagine if you suddenly listen to a song that is not to your liking.

Such as sad songs, songs with memories of the former, or even songs that are out of theme. Surely you will be disappointed and become prolonged confusion when the day H. Not a mood filled with happiness, there is even sad and want to immediately enter the room.

If it’s like this, then the marriage will be chaotic and eliminate the romantic impression. The impact, you and your partner will look tired and disappointed.